100 Women Who Care Burlington Support HFFT Meal Card Program

100 Women Who Care Burlington Support HFFT Meal Card Program

Thank you to 100 Women Who Care Burlington for their support of local Halton Food for Thought Meal Card Lunch Programs.

In Halton, secondary students, identified by their teachers and principals as being in greatest need, and therefore at greatest risk, require additional support on top of HFFT breakfast and healthy bin programs. To help these students succeed, access to nutritious food comes in the form of the Meal Card Program, a targeted HFFT SNP not funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS). Without MCCSS funding, HFFT, and our at-risk students, rely on community support to operate.

“The Meal Card Program takes away the anxiety a student feels when they are unaware of where their next meal will come from. It is our goal, as a learning community, to continue to provide equitable opportunities for our vulnerable students.”                              HFFT Partner School Teacher

Annually HFFT provides 300+ at-risk Halton students with 10,000+ free nutritious lunches, via the Meal Card Program ($5.00 / card). This year, not only has the price of Meal Cards increased to $5.25, meaning the cost of simply remaining status quo has gone up, the need for youth support in Halton continues to grow.

In response to increasing need and program costs, select Burlington schools will pilot a program enlisting school, parent and community volunteers to prepare two homemade meals weekly to be frozen for distribution to students in need.

Generous 100 Women Who Care Burlington funds will support pilot program start-up costs, and once in operation, the opportunity to provide a variety of healthy lunch options at reduced costs.

Thank you 100 Women Who Care Burlington for helping us feed more at-risk secondary students.