Mrs. W. leading the Harrison Public School Student Nutrition Program Team for over 14 years!

Mrs. W. leading the Harrison Public School Student Nutrition Program Team for over 14 years!

Chris Wiensczyk has helped feed students in Halton and Harrison Public School for 14 years. Chris began as a parent volunteer with the snack program, took the lead of the program, and has helped grow it from two days per week to three as well as starting a new Friday breakfast program this year.   “Mrs. W” takes the time to plan colourful meals, shop thriftily, and always keeps in mind the students’ favourite fruits and veggies. She ensures that students with special dietary needs are accommodated and has adjusted the program as the school population fluctuates.

Last year, the snack program converted to a morning meal to include more dairy and protein options for the students. The familiar sound of Mrs. W. and other Harrison volunteers rolling the cart down the hallways always starts a buzz! Students recognize her outside of school, whisper “it’s the snack lady” and often say hello!chris-w-from-harrison-public-school

Volunteering has also become a family affair with Chris’ daughter frequently helping, too. Chris is always a welcome face at our HFFT events and we are grateful for her continuing dedication to ensuring no student goes hungry at school – and to think it all started 14 years ago when she threw her hat in the ring to “help out” with the snack program!chris-chris-2

“Once again this year, Harrison Public School is thrilled to be able to work with, and gain support from, Halton Food For Thought. For a number of years now, we have been able to run our Healthy Snack program 3 days a week. This year, we are exploring the Healthy Breakfast Program. We are starting off slowly by offering it Fridays only. It has been a huge success already! Of course, none of this is possible without the hard work and dedication of volunteers. Harrison PS volunteer Chris Wiensczyk has been with us for many year and she works relentlessly at finding good bargains for food, putting together nutritious options for snacks and breakfast and also bringing in other people to help with her efforts. We could not do it without her! 

Tony Churchill


Harrison Public School in Halton Hills