To our student volunteers – thank you!

High school students are busy. Between classes, sports, part-time work, studying for their tests and finishing assignments, many still find time to dedicate to student nutrition programs at their own schools and to serve their peers.

These student volunteers are active members of their school community and phenomenal contributors to the success of their breakfast programs. They often volunteer multiple days and rise and shine extra early to help out. Many attend extra food handling courses and help prep and serve those delicious early morning meals!

Georgetown District High School has several key student volunteers and is pleased to have Colleen join them this year as chef. As part of her co-op program, Colleen oversees the menu for the breakfast program and serves up delicious grilled cheese, French toast, pancakes and smoothies weekly to students attending the breakfast program – often teams on their way to class after early morning practice.

We would like to extend a big thank you to the student volunteers as well as staff members at Georgetown District High School Breakfast Club. Your help and hard work is greatly appreciated!

HFFT has a student nutrition program in every high school in Halton! We encourage all staff and students to stop by the student nutrition program at your school to take a moment to say thank you and, students, if you have a free morning consider volunteering to feed your peers!

GDHS Students and Staff (L to R): Elise Hurley, Ashley Martin, Jennifer Martin; Colleen Winson; Shelagh Rowney (EA), Colleen Winson; Sarah Scarlett, Emma Crosby