Check out Anne J MacArthur Public School’s Blacktop Breakfast!

Check out Anne J MacArthur Public School’s Blacktop Breakfast!

What is a Blacktop Breakfast you ask?

Halton Food for Thought partner school Anne J MacArthur Public School in Milton is providing close to 1,000 students access to healthy food every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday right from their blacktop!

Breakfast Carts, like the one offered at AJM, serve grab and go breakfast items such as yogurt, cheese, apples, oranges, grapes, cereal, whole wheat bagels, and healthy muffins and scones. Students are able to visit the cart before lining up to enter the school in the morning. Wednesday is Bagel Day and a favourite with the students who line up quickly for toasted bagels. Thank you to the team of educational assistants who run the program along with community volunteers and the support of staff and administration.

Kids who go to school hungry lose an average of 132 minutes of learning time each day – the equivalent of 4 months of the school year.  1 in 3 students in kindergarten are considered overweight or obese and by the age of 16, 60% of Halton students are not eating breakfast before school.

We believe that when given access to healthy food at school, students have their best chance at success.  In fact, Halton Food for Thought survey results indicate an increased energy level (96%) and readiness to learn (92%), improved academic success / school performance (84%) and a reduction of at-risk student behaviour (74%) since starting their Student Nutrition Program… and we could not be happier!

A huge thank you to our army of 2,100 volunteers (including 1,060 student volunteers) who make these programs possible.

We Feed Kids!  Healthy Food!  Thousands Every Day!  TOGETHER!