Essence of Cohen concert was a hit for Halton Food for Thought.

Essence of Cohen concert was a hit for Halton Food for Thought.

A big thank you to Bob Shea and Rock Legends Live, who recently performed the Essence of Cohen at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre. Portion of proceeds from their concert helped raise money for Halton Food for Thought.

Shea and his group of talented musicians and vocalists not only put on an amazing rendition of iconic Canadian singer-songwriter, Leonard Cohen but, also helped raise much needed funds for Halton Food for Thought and student nutrition programs in our community.

The event which was rescheduled once because of the pandemic was definitely worth the wait. Guests raved about the bands’ performance and of course Shea’s baritone and much-loved bluesy vibe.

From a philanthropic point of view over $6,000 was raised through portion of ticket sales, an onsite raffle, silent auction and generous donations. These funds help ensure Student Nutrition programs remain strong and sustainable in our Halton community.

Bob Shea, has since committed to perform a concert on annual basis to support Halton Food for Thought. Please be sure to check back for the next concert date!

Until then, together we really do #FuelTheirFuture