Ethel Gardiner PS Hungry Bears Breakfast Club says thank you to retiring SNP Volunteer Marge Anderson.

Ethel Gardiner PS Hungry Bears Breakfast Club says thank you to retiring SNP Volunteer Marge Anderson.

If it is true that it takes a village to raise a child, long-time Ethel Gardiner Public School Student Nutrition Program (affectionately known as The Hungry Bears Breakfast Club) volunteer Marge Anderson, has played a part in the success of many Halton Hills students!

Ethel Gardiner PS SNP Coordinator Andrew shared “Marge has been with me since the HBC started. In the early days we never knew if the HBC would last a year. Fast forward 8 years and here we are. It is never easy to lose any volunteer, but Marge was very special volunteer and we will never have another Marge. She made the HBC a lot of fun. From making the egg patties to the pancakes from wearing those stupid green/ blue shoes that I told her to stop wearing after she nearly trip while wearing them. Marge helped me make the HBC the huge success that it  is today.   The kids will miss you as all of us will sure do. You drove me crazy you made me laugh and you became my friend”.

Debbie de Chastelain, Principal, Ethel Gardiner PS added “We will truly miss you Marge! Thank you for your dedication to Ethel Gardiner. We are so extremely grateful for all you have done for our students. Wishing you all the best”.

“Special thank you to Marge Anderson for all her years of volunteer service at the Hungry Bears Breakfast Club at Ethel Gardiner PS and for making and serving some of the best pancakes ever seen! Thank you for caring so much for the students and community at Ethel Gardiner Public School. Thank you for helping fill so many tummies and sharing smiles with the Hungry Bears for all those years! You will be greatly missed.”

Maureen, Community Development Manager HFFT

Pictured L to R: SNP Volunteer Marge Anderson, SNP Coordinator Andrew Strachan, Mayor of Halton Hills Rick Bonnette and Halton Hills Councillor Bob Inglis.

Thank you to the dedicated army of over 2,100 Halton Food for Thought volunteers who lovingly prepare and serve our Halton students!

Together we #FeedTheirFuture.