The evolution of Palermo Public School’s Breakfast Cart Program

The evolution of Palermo Public School’s Breakfast Cart Program

What is the best way to get a Student Nutrition Program started at your school?

Palermo Public School in Oakville can clearly answer this question – support from all levels.

Back in Spring 2017 Joanna Oliver, HDSB trustee held a Super Council meeting and asked Nancy Hardcastle, Abbey Lane Breakfast Program Coordinator to present at the meeting. After the meeting Nicolle Memon and Cindy Jeffers (parents from Palermo) booked a visit to see Abbey Lane breakfast program – and the rest is history.

Fast forward to February 2018 these two parents have started an awesome breakfast cart program at Palermo. Together with student volunteers, they fill 5 carts and 7 bins with healthy food every Monday Morning to ensure students have a great start to their week.

“I am one of the student volunteers for Breakfast Cart Program. My mom is the Coordinator for the Breakfast Cart Program and co-chair of Parent Council so that’s how I got involved in the program. Every Monday morning me, my mom and brother wake up early to go to the school to get the carts and supplies ready before the other volunteers arrive. When we’re done most of the volunteers are there so we start working together to prepare the food {washing, chopping, etc}. We have 5 carts and 7 bins {kindergartens & portables} that we fill with fresh healthy food. We always have three food groups that we like to include {fruits and veggies, dairy, grain} and the students can take 1 of each. I really like this program and I think it’s a good idea for kids who can’t or don’t get to eat breakfast in the morning. It makes me feel good to know I’m helping other kids.”

                                                                                         Sophia Memon, grade 5 student at Palermo Public School

“At Palermo, we have a unique program called the Breakfast Club. In this program, volunteer students arrive at school at 8:30 am every Monday and fill up carts and bins with 3-4 food groups in each. Then they are taken to several areas around the school, where students can choose one food item from each food group. Everyone loves it when we provide Cheerios! I am one of the students who help fill the carts in the morning, and I give out the food as well. You feel like you are helping out when you join the club. A while ago, I was in a rush to get to school, and I could only pick up a banana for breakfast. Just a banana isn’t enough for a school day. But with the breakfast program, I picked up a healthy granola bar and a boiled egg to fill my stomach. Some students don’t even get any breakfast at all, but they can always get something extra to eat every Monday with the Breakfast Club Program.”

                                                                                        Laya Kavesseri, grade 5 student at Palermo Public School 

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