Fielding Dental Healthcare pairs with Burlington Central High School to support student success!

Fielding Dental Healthcare pairs with Burlington Central High School to support student success!

The Fielding family sat down a few years ago as a group and decided that they wanted to make a difference in the community that was more hands on. They had always offered financial sponsorship and donated lots of funds to numerous causes and organizations but they wanted to do something that got them involved in making the future better by being present. In researching programs that were working in the Halton District School Board to help children, the Halton Food for Thought program stood out to the Fielding Family. They loved the idea of a program designed to help achieve a more positive learning environment for all kids at schools by encouraging healthy nutrition in their meals and preventing access to food from being an obstacle to academic success.

The Fielding’s contacted HFFT and were thrilled to have been paired with Burlington Central High School. Dr. David Fielding grew up in the Burlington area and attended Burlington Central High School as a teen. It was incredible to join a group of people who were already working hard to make the program a success.

“Every Tuesday morning while we are making breakfast for the kids
it is incredible to see the environment of community that is created.
I was told by one of the originators of the Central Breakfast club program
that its initial intention was to help bring the kids together
before class starts to help them be ready to learn when the bell rings.
You can definitely see this has been achieved”.
Carly Fielding

Even Dr. Dave’s granddaughter, Raya, has been inspired to help give back. Tuesday morning is her favorite morning of the week because she heads to Central with her mom to help make breakfast and volunteer her time to help the school community.

“The kids are all so polite. I love making the smoothies!”

In 2017 Fielding Dental Healthcare was awarded the Halton Inspire Award for their volunteerism with Central’s Breakfast Club.

“To have been awarded as someone who goes above and beyond
to support students in the Halton District School board was truly an honor.
Thank you to Halton Food for Thought for creating an incredible avenue
for us to give back directly to the kids.
You are an incredible leader in our community.”
Dr. David Fielding

CLICK HERE to see Fielding Dental Healthcare in action at Burlington Central High School!  LOVE IT!!!!