Breakfast program

Breakfast program

Breakfast programs are served before the start of the school day and may be served as a grab and go, buffet style or a sit down hot meal.

Whatever the style, these programs offer a reliable source of healthy food for many children. They also offer a safe place to socialize with friends and volunteers before the beginning of the school day.

All breakfast programs contain a minimum of 3 food groups that must include fruits and vegetables and one dairy product.


  1. Brianna Christie

    Hi there,

    I am a Child and Youth Counsellor at at school in Milton. I know we have a basket program, how do we start getting the Breakfast program invoved?


    Brianna Christie

    • hfft

      Hi Brianna,

      You can contact Maureen McLaughlin, our Community Development Manager for Milton. She would be happy to help you set up a breakfast program. Thanks for inquiring!


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