November 30 #GivingTuesday Kicks off the Giving Season

November 30 #GivingTuesday Kicks off the Giving Season

Give Back to HFFT this #GIVINGTUESDAY to help Halton students succeed.

November 30th is #GivingTuesday – These are our students and they deserve our support now more then ever will you GIVE today?

Give the gift of healthy food to a Halton child to help fuel a full day of learning. #GivingTuesday

This past year has been anything but typical but we’re pleased to announce – we’re back in schools! Students once again have safe, reliable, universal access to healthy food. We’ve since adopted a safe model to ensure students have access to healthy food all day long with our Healthy Food Bin program.

In accordance with Public Health, safe food handling and Ministry of Education guidelines HFFT is following enhanced health and safety protocols, we are providing our partner schools healthy prepackaged, non-perishable snacks via Healthy Food Bin.

Students arrive at school hungry for many reasons, leaving them unprepared to focus on a full day of learning. Our universal access programs nourish students from kindergarten to high school and are free of charge to everyone in a school and are reflective of the diversity in our community. We want kids to reach their full potential and lead healthy, active lives!

#FeedTheirFuture      #NoStudentGoesHungry      #GivingTuesday      #HaltonGives

Thank you for considering a gift to Halton Food for Thought us on #GivingTuesday.