Oakwood Breakfast Program celebrates 20 years of feeding kids healthy food at school!

Oakwood Breakfast Program celebrates 20 years of feeding kids healthy food at school!

On Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 (NEW DATE due to inclement weather), Oakwood hosted a 20th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION for their Breakfast Program. A sit-down breakfast was provided as well as entertainment from the school choir and stories from special guests including student alumni and volunteers from across the years.

In October 1998 Oakwood PS was one of the first schools in Halton to start a breakfast program for their students. Teachers noticed that students were showing up “sluggish” in the morning and knew that many youth did not have breakfast before coming to school. The principal at that time – Susan Busby was excited to bring together the community to help prepare food and offer breakfast to students 5 days a week.
Fast forward twenty years and the Oakwood Breakfast Program is still going strong! Although the program has changed and grown substantially it still has the same goal.

Feed all those hungry tummies to help give students the best start to their day.

Oakwood’s Breakfast Program offers a sit down, hot breakfast, 5 days per week with features like the famous Mickey Mouse waffle day! The program is run by a team of dedicated volunteers including, students, community members and parents. Coordinator – Linda Lightfoot is the driving force behind the program and has been running it for 16 years. Linda is beyond dedicated to feeding Oakwood students a healthy breakfast. All the students at Oakwood know Mrs. Lightfoot and have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for her! After all… she is the food lady!

“There is something very reassuring about knowing that each child at Oakwood school is able to start their day with a good meal, surrounded by friends and caring adults. I love being able to send the students off to class with a full belly and big smile on their face.”        


In addition, the school now offers a healthy classroom bin in each room to provide snacks throughout the day. Three years ago, Oakwood joined forces with Farm to Cafeteria and received a grant to start a Salad Bar Lunch Program. This program is offered once a week and has helped increase student access to fresh vegetables and during lunch break.

Oakwood is a true model for other Breakfast Programs. They have used every opportunity available to gather food and funds for their program. They are a great example of when an entire school community comes together great things can be achieved.

Happy 20th Birthday Oakwood Breakfast Program!

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