One GREAT BIG CRUNCH could be heard across all of Halton on October 13th, 2016!

One GREAT BIG CRUNCH could be heard across all of Halton on October 13th, 2016!



Great Big Crunch 2016

Almost 36,000 Halton students, teachers, educators and food enthusiasts alike took part in the celebration of healthy eating October 13th!

Healthy Kids Community Challenge and Halton Food for Thought partnered up to provide educational resources and apples to all 70 participating schools, from both the Halton District School Board and Halton Catholic District School Board, to help bring awareness of the importance of healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle and the availability of local foods! apple-helpers-at-glen-williams-ps

“The Great Big Crunch provided a terrific opportunity to celebrate healthy eating and highlight the availability of local foods,” said Jennifer Spence, Co-Project Lead Healthy Kids Community Challenge Burlington.  “The proportion of obese children has nearly tripled in the last 25 years. Partnerships like the one between Healthy Kids Community Challenge Burlington and Halton Food for Thought help spread the word about the importance of healthy snacking to school age children and make learning about healthy eating and local food fun.”

Whether participants crunched on the blacktop, in their classrooms, in the library or in the gymnasium one thing is for sure – they were LOUD…both crunching and tweeting all school day long!!!

Check out the Great Big Crunch Educational Video viewed by those in attendance to learn more about healthy eating by following an apple’s journey from seed, to harvest, to market, to table (and around again)!  It was a huge hit with all age groups (yes… adults too)!on-the-blacktop-at-emily-carr-ps

Have you heard the “Apple Song”?  Can you name all 16 local varieties of apples?  How many and which ones are missing from the Great Big Crunch Word Search?   (see resource list below)

Thank you to all 70 schools who participated across Halton.

Special thanks as well to the Burlington Fire Department who attended several of our crunch sites bringing additional excitement to an already great celebration of healthy eating!

Additional Great Big Crunch resources:fire-friends-at-st-patrick-es

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