our vision and mission

Our new Mission and Vision statements are the grounding force behind the work we do in the community and create momentum for the future.





In the spring of 2014, we set out to revive the agency.  We wanted to realign ourselves with our cause and ensure all of our work was unified toward one goal.

Our Mission and Vision are now the are at the core of our values and fuel all of our work in the community.


No student goes hungry at school.


In partnership with the community, we feed students healthy food so that they can achieve academic success.


Core Values

Halton Food for Thought’s Core values demonstrate the essential, unchanging tenets of the organization. Our Core values represent not only what we stand for, but also guide our work both inside and outside of the agency.


We will use compassion, empathy and concern in our interactions at all levels and in our daily operations undertaking our Mission and Vision.



We affirm the dignity, the potential and the contributions of every person  involved in the agency both internally and externally.


We will not only pursue honorable initiatives, but we will conduct business in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical.


Scholastic Success

We believe in the value of education for all provide opportunities for students to achieve their academic best. We promote personal growth and learning among our board, staff and volunteers and know that the all education related to our cause will enhance our mission.



We value partnership and collaboration as a means of reaching our vision.  We will enter into strong partnerships that will bring value to our mission and strengthen the community in which we serve.