Small but Mighty!

Small but Mighty!

Inspired by the Healthy Kids Community Challenge and funding the group provided to support the start-up of School Nutrition Programs in Burlington, the Maplehurst school community got together to make healthy eating a part of their students’ everyday experience.

Starting the Healthy Snack Program has been a wonderful way to engage students and parents in making healthy choices at school.

With the help of teachers Monique Sabourin and Laura Longo alongside the kindergarten students, all classrooms receive a weekly snack bin full of nutritious food. Every Monday morning Monique and Laura organize all of the food and the bins in the staff room. Once the children arrive, they engage 15 students from each kindergarten class to pack the bins and deliver them to the classrooms.

We have a system where we write the number of each item on a card, for example 10 apples, the children then work in groups of two to fill the bins correctly. It is so wonderful to see the children counting, taking turns and showing great responsibility for this task! They feel truly accomplished. We are so lucky and thrilled to be a part of giving back to our school community!” 

The rest of the school gets much enjoyment from watching these little learners carry the snack bins down the hall and into the classes.  They may be small but they are definitely mighty!

Every Friday at second nutrition break, a group of grade 6 student leaders collect the bins. The student leaders help with tracking the weekly food inventory, washing and sanitizing the bins, and stacking them up so they are ready for the kindies to restock on Monday. Parent volunteers oversee the grade 6 students every Friday and offer assistance when needed. Several parent volunteers are responsible for placing the food orders and the overall school inventory tracking.

The Maplehurst Healthy Snack Program includes the youngest and oldest learners in the school.  It is a true school community initiative!  

This goes to show the value in kids of all ages getting involved in building a happy, healthy school environment; “We may be small but we are mighty”! 

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