Tandia- Investing in their Community

Tandia- Investing in their Community

Tandia Financial Credit Union’s vision and commitment is to deliver banking they can all be proud of.  Investing in their community is an important part of what Tandia stands for and what cooperative banking means.

Tandia believes that financial institutions should be more accountable to the people they serve each and every day; that there’s more than one way to measure success; and that profits should have a positive financial, social and environmental impact on the communities in which they live and work.

As one of this year’s Great Big Crunch funding partners, Tandia joined over 55,000 crunchers from both school boards to take one simultaneous (and LOUD) bite into healthy local eating on Thursday October 26th!

Tandia is a portmanteau of “tandem” and the Spanish word “dia”, meaning day; it means working together, every day. We cannot thank Tandia enough for partnering with Halton Food for Thought to help ensure that our students have the nutritious fuel they need to be successful each and every day.

“No student goes hungry at school” in Halton region.