My Favourite Subject Bookmark in support of Halton Food for Thought!

My Favourite Subject Bookmark in support of Halton Food for Thought!

Halton community member, proud local entrepreneur and recent Halton Food for Thought Individual Partner of the Year winner Monica Graves of glamjulz reflects on the challenges of childhood and using her company as a vehicle to give back to the community she loves via My Favourite Subject Bookmarks:

“I remember how hard it was to fit in, make friends, keep up, feel motivated to get good grades and stay focused at school. I know it was like that for a lot of kids, but can you imagine having to do all those things on an empty stomach?

Filling a tummy is an important step in filling a mind, and filling a mind is the foundation of a bright future.  A hungry child can have problems concentrating, staying alert, is more likely to have behavioural issues, and can even fall behind in the classroom”.

Monica and the glamjulz team want to help ensure all students in Halton have access to the healthy fuel they need to be successful during their school day!

As the school year comes to a close, Monica asks that you consider showing your child(ren)’s Teachers how much they are appreciated by giving them one of glamjulz colourful Bookmarks. Each Bookmark is lovingly made with Monica’s best quality glass beads, come in a variety of colours and is finished with a beautiful pewter apple charm.

Proceeds from the sale of all My Favourite Subject Bookmarks will go to Halton Food for Thought Student Nutrition Programs. At less than $1.00 a day to feed a student a healthy breakfast, each Bookmark sold will help feed a lot of tummies! 

Order your Bookmark online and your shipping is free!!!

Thank you to Monica and the glamjulz team for changing Halton student lives for the better!

To learn more about Monica, the glamjulz team and their commitment to the community visit their website