I’m not one to beat my own drum and bring attention to myself. I do what I do because I believe what I’m doing is a good thing. By running this program I can help the kids do better at school because if their stomachs are full then they have a better chance at doing the best they can in school and have a better future.

Breakfast Program Volunteer

You know it takes a village to raise our children…

did you know it takes an army to feed them? 

Halton Food for Thought has it’s very own army of over 2,100 community volunteers (including 1,060 students) who generously donate their time to feed kids.  They shop, chop and prepare delicious, healthy meals for students five days a week during every school year.

In fact, without our volunteers we couldn’t have made the more than 5 million meals that were served last year.

That’s a lot of dirty dishes to clean up!

Our volunteers are happy to help.  They know that the food they serve is making a difference in the lives of the students they serve each day and they spread awareness about Halton Food for Thought’s work throughout our community.


 Smiling PearStart your volunteer adventure now!

For more information email info@haltonfoodforthought.com