we believe that every student

should have access to healthy food during the school day


HFFT Broccoli
Halton Food for Thought has been feeding Halton students for over two decades.

    Our history isn’t uncommon; a grassroots group of people who identify a problem and come together to form a solution.  In this case, one of the strongest groups you can have behind your cause: Parents. These Parents noticed that not every child at school had food in their lunch box or that many kids had food that didn’t contain enough nutrients to fuel their minds and bodies for learning. In 1997, the parents came together and formed an advisory committee to oversee the first 6 official Student Nutrition Programs in Halton.  Fast forward to 2007, just ten years later, and HFFT became an incorporated, registered, charity with its own Board of Directors and 63 programs. As of July 2019, HFFT has partner programs in 130 schools, providing more than 79,000 Halton students access to healthy food at school.  We have over 2,100 volunteers (including 1,060 students) and dozens of community partners who all work together to feed students in their communities.


Our new Mission and Vision statements are the grounding force behind the work we do in the community and create momentum for the future.

  In the spring of 2014, we set out to revive the agency.  We wanted to realign ourselves with our cause and ensure all of our work was unified toward one goal. Our Mission and Vision are the core of our values and fuel all of our work in the community.


No student goes hungry at school.


In partnership with the community, we feed students healthy food so they can succeed.


HFFT Apple

Halton Food for Thought’s Core values not only demonstrate what we stand for as an organization, but also guide our work and impact in the community.

    With our new Mission and Vision statements in place, we wanted to rebuild the values by which we would strive to reach our goals.  The following values were chosen purposefully to represent our beliefs and actions as we work to see our vision become a reality.


We will use compassion, empathy and concern in our interactions at all levels and in our daily operations undertaking our Mission and Vision.


We affirm the dignity, the potential and the contributions of everyone involved in the agency both internally and externally.


We will not only pursue honorable initiatives, but we will conduct business in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical.

Student Success

We believe in the value of learning for all students and strive to provide opportunities for students to achieve their academic best. By feeding our children and youth we allow them to succeed academically, physically, mentally and socially.


We value partnership and collaboration as a means of reaching our vision.  We will enter into strong partnerships that will bring value to our mission and strengthen the community in which we serve.  

We Feed Kids!  Healthy Food!  Thousands Every Day!


Burlington Partner Schools (Elementary)

Halton Catholic District School Board

Ascension ES 
Canadian Martyrs ES 
Holy Rosary ES 
Sacred Heart of Jesus ES 
St. Christopher ES 
St. Elizabeth Seton ES 
St. Gabriel ES 
St. John ES 
St. Mark ES 
St. Patrick ES 
St. Paul ES 
St. Raphael ES 
St. Timothy ES

Halton District School Board

Alton Village PS 
Brant Hills PS 
Bruce T. Lindley PS 
Central PS 
C.H. Norton PS 
Charles R. Beaudoin PS 
Clarksdale PS 
Dr. Charles Best PS 
Florence Meares PS 
Frontenac PS 
Glenview PS 
John T Tuck PS 
King’s Road PS 
Lakeshore PS 
Maplehurst PS 
Mohawk Gardens PS 
Orchard Park PS
Paul A. Fisher PS 
Pauline Johnson PS 
Pineland PS 
Rolling Meadows PS 
Ryerson PS 
Sir Ernest McMillan PS 
Tecumseh PS 
Tom Thomson PS 

Burlington Partner Schools (Secondary)

Halton Catholic District School Board

Assumption SS
Corpus Christi SS
Notre Dame SS

Halton District School Board

Aldershot HS
Burl. Central HS
Dr. Frank J. Hayden HS
Gary Allan HS – Burlington
M.M. Robinson HS
Nelson HS
Robert Bateman HS

To learn more about the Student Nutrition Program at your school, to volunteer, or donate contact Dania our Burlington Community Development Manager dania@haltonfoodforthought.com 

We Feed Kids! Healthy Food! Thousands Every Day!


Oakville Partner Schools (Elementary)

Halton Catholic District School Board

Holy Family ES
St. Andrew ES
St. Bernadette ES
St. Dominic ES
St. Gregory the Great ES
St. Joan of Arc ES
St. Luke ES
St. Matthew ES
St. Michael ES
St. Nicholas ES
St. Teresa of Calcutta ES

Halton District School Board

Abbey Lane PS
Brookdale PS
Eastview PS
Falgarwood PS
Heritage Glen PS
Montclair PS
Oakwood PS
Oodenawi PS
Palermo PS
Pilgrim Wood PS
Pinegrove Ecole
Post’s Corners PS
River Oaks PS
Sheridan PS
W.H. Morden PS
West Oak PS

Oakville Partner Schools (Secondary)

Halton Catholic District School Board

Holy Trinity SS
St. Ignatius of Loyola SS
St. Thomas Aquinas SS
Thomas Merton SS

Halton District School Board

Abbey Park HS
Garth Webb HS
Gary Allan HS – Oakville
Iroquois Ridge HS
Oakville Trafalgar HS
T.A. Blakelock HS
White Oaks HS
Gaeton Gervais SS

To learn more about the Student Nutrition Program at your school, to volunteer, or donate contact Carrie our Oakville Community Development Manager carrie@haltonfoodforthought.com

We Feed Kids! Healthy Food! Thousands Every Day!


Milton Partner Schools (Elementary)

Halton Catholic District School Board

Holy Rosary Milton ES
Our Lady of Fatima ES
Our Lady of Victory ES
St. Benedict ES
St. Peter ES
St. Scholastica ES

Halton District School Board

Ann J. MacArthur PS
Bruce Trail PS
E.W. Foster PS
Irma Coulson PS
J.M. Denyes PS
Martin Street PS
Robert Baldwin PS
Sam Sherratt PS
Tiger Jeet Singh PS
Viola Desmond PS
W.I. Dick PS

Milton Partner Schools (Secondary)

Halton Catholic District School Board

Bishop P.F. Reding SS
Jean Vanier SS
Thomas Merton SS

Halton District School Board

Craig Kielburger HS
Gary Allan HS – Milton
Milton District HS

To learn more about the Student Nutrition Program at your school, to volunteer, or donate contact Maureen our Milton / Halton Hills  Community Development Manager maureen@haltonfoodforthought.com

We Feed Kids! Healthy Food! Thousands Every Day!


Halton Hills Partner Schools (Elementary)

Halton Catholic District School Board

Holy Cross ES
St. Frances of Assisi ES
St. Joseph Acton ES

Halton District School Board

Centennial PS
Ethel Gardiner PS
George Kennedy PS
Glen Williams PS
Harrison PS
Joseph Gibbons PS
Limehouse PS
McKenzie-Smith Bennett PS
Pineview PS
Robert Little PS
Stewarttown PS

Halton Hills Partner Schools (Secondary)

Halton Catholic District School Board

Christ the King SS

Halton District School Board

Acton District HS
Gary Allan HS -HH
Georgetown District HS

To learn more about the Student Nutrition Program at your school, to volunteer, or donate contact Maureen our Milton / Halton Hills Community Development Manager maureen@haltonfoodforthought.com

Halton Food for Thought By-Laws 

Scott Currier, Board Chair

Picture - Scott Currier x 200

Scott Currier

Scott Currier, CPA, CA, is Chief Financial Officer at Forming Technologies Incorporated (FTI).  Located in Burlington, FTI is a software company specializing in the simulation and feasibility analysis of metal forming for automotive, aerospace and consumer goods manufacturers.  Scott’s professional career includes holding senior financial roles for both public and private companies, as well as CFO of GS1 Canada, a large not-for-profit organization.  Scott joined the HFFT Board of Directors in June 2014 and has most recently served as Treasurer and Chair of the Audit Committee for HFFT.  Scott, his wife Carolyn and their three boys live in Oakville.

Leigh-Ann Justice, Vice-Chair 

Leigh-Ann Popek is a Public Affairs, Government Relations and Corporate Communications Consultant, helping high profile business executives, public officials and community leaders manage and promote their brand. Prior to starting her own business she held leadership roles in the private and political sectors. Leigh-Ann is from Hamilton and lives in Burlington with her family. Leigh-Ann joined the Board of Directors of Halton Food For Thought in April 2014.


Peter McAdam, Board Member

Peter McAdam

Peter brings over 35 years of Banking and Human Resources expertise, developed over a rewarding career with TD Bank Financial Group where he held Vice President roles in many diverse Businesses including Corporate Human Resources, Business Banking & Insurance, Compliance & Regulatory Services and Commercial Banking. Peter is now an Executive Coach and Senior Consultant at Felix Global Corp. where he works closely with clients in large and medium sized corporations to develop and execute customized talent management solutions and engage in HR support assignments that include executive coaching, career transition and conflict resolution.  A husband, father and proud resident of Oakville, Peter is an active supporter of local United Way campaigns, a past Board Member for United Way Oakville and is past Chair of the Oakville United Way Community Impact Cabinet.

Maria Thomas, Board Member    


Maria Thomas

Maria Thomas is a Vice Principal with the Halton Catholic District School.  In her years as a teacher in Milton, Oakville, and Burlington, Maria has experienced the value the food from HFFT delivers and the direct impact HFFT programs provide to student success both socially and emotionally as well as academic achievement overall.  Maria is a firm believer that every student deserves to learn on a full stomach and that no child should be concerned by hunger especially at school.  Maria, her husband and her two daughters live in Burlington, around the corner from her childhood home.

Cassandra Loomans, Board Member    

Cassandra Loomans

Cassandra Loomans, Vice President of Sylvite oversees Sylvite Sales and Sylvite Industrial Chemicals with responsibility for strategic planning, customer service, administrative activities and key divisional accountabilities. Since joining Sylvite in 2007, Cassandra has held progressively senior roles, including Vice President of Sylvite Insurance Group, and Business Development Coordinator for Sylvite Financial Services. Early on, she gained valuable insight and experience as a customer service and sales representative, fertilizer and industrial management intern, and as a crop scout. Cassandra has also spent time at Marsh Canada Limited and Lloyds of London working on her insurance knowledge.  Cassandra grew up in Burlington, her family business is in agriculture and they are passionate about feeding the world and the communities they operate in.

John Pullen, Board Member     

John Pullen

John has been actively involved in supporting students’ needs during his career. Through many years of coaching sports and working with student youth groups, he has directly observed the great contributions and success kids can achieve with the support of a nurturing environment that works to reduce the barriers which many will face during their lives. John has two daughters in post graduate university studies and shares time between Dundas and Milton with his partner Lesley. He has worked in the Halton District School Board for over a decade as an administrator and is currently the Principal of King’s Road Public School in Burlington. Previously John worked as an environmental chemist in the GTA prior to his transition to teaching.

Meaghan Longfield, Board Member 

Meaghan Longfield

Meaghan Longfield is a solicitor specializing in corporate law, and has experience working with businesses in various sectors including retail, technology and non-profit. Meaghan works part time as a lawyer with the Longfield family law practice, and is also a stay-at-home Mom. Prior to entering the field of law, Meaghan worked in corporate finance for General Mills, and was actively involved in their school breakfast program in partnership with the United Way. Meaghan grew up in Burlington, and now resides in Milton with her husband and two young sons. Meaghan joined the Board of Directors of Halton Food for Thought in November 2018.  

Name: Tracy Hussey, MSc RD

HFFT Role: Executive Director   

Tracy Hussey

HFFT team member since: August 2019.  My HFFT History: As a Registered Dietitian I am passionate about healthy food, food security and healthy and sustainable food systems for all. I have over 20 years of experience in health, children’s health, social services and charity work and am excited to bring my passion to this mission. My favourite HFFT mascot and why: I can’t pick a favourite mascot because they are all important but I feel very lucky that we are able to grow most of them here in Ontario. 

Name: Dania Thurman

Dania Thurman

HFFT Role: Burlington Community Development Manager

HFFT team member since: January 2018 My HFFT History:  I have a passion for student health that has led me to dedicate many hours to promoting the importance of wellbeing as it relates to academic success. When I saw the opportunity to directly support student nutrition and help deliver healthy foods into our local schools, I jumped right in! I am committed to helping our volunteer coordinators and school administrators run programs smoothly and effectively to ensure no student goes hungry at school.   My favourite HFFT mascot and why: My favorite HFFT mascot is Brock Broccoli because you can prepare and eat broccoli many ways – baked, raw, sautéed or in soup just to name a few. Broccoli can help fight against cancer, improve your bone density and digestion plus help protect you from chronic disease. On top of all those amazing things, it’s great for your skin and helps keep you looking young!

Name: Carrie Baillie

Carrie Baillie

HFFT Role: Oakville Community Development Manager

HFFT team member since: Feb 2012 MY HFFT History: I have always been interested in nutrition and eating healthy so when I heard about all the great things Halton Food For Thought was doing I knew I had to be part of the team!  I love being in the programs every week and seeing the difference it makes having food available to all students. There are so many reasons kids are not eating enough healthy food and I am fortunate to be able to help ensure “no student goes hungry at school” as part of my job every day. Favourite HFFT Mascot and why: My favourite HFFT Mascot is Abi Apple because apples are one of my favourite snacks.  I also see apples as the most diverse food item used in all three of our programs. They are served at breakfast programs, used in classroom bins and served on snack trays. Apples are very good for you and include a great source of soluble fibre along with vitamin A and C. Finally who can resist the name Abi Apple chosen by Oakwood School!

Name: Maureen McLaughlin

HFFT Logo 2015 fruit no copy small

HFFT Mascots

HFFT Role: Halton Hills & Milton Community Development Manager

HFFT team member since: May 2009  

Name: Nancy Rumple

Nancy Rumple

HFFT Role: Director of Communications and Development

HFFT team member since: Jan 2016 My HFFT History: I have always been involved in health and wellness both personally and professionally in one way shape or form. I am also passionate about education and empowerment. When the opportunity came about to combine these loves with enhancing the lives of children and youth within our community – there was no question, I knew where I needed to be! The more I learn about Halton Food for Thought’s partnerships within the community and local schools, the more passionate I become about ensuring “no student goes hungry at school”! Favourite HFFT Mascot and why: My favourite HFFT Mascot is Ollie Orange because when I was a child my family owned a rabbit we named Ollie. You can imagine my surprise when our rabbit became momma to baby rabbits! We quickly changed momma’s “official name” to Olivia, though she will always be Ollie to me! And… who can resist a name like Ollie – it’s just fun to say! Try saying Ollie Orange 5 times quickly?!?    

we are ready to learn boy


Feeding kids is the foundation of our programs, but with the help of our partners, building a stronger community is what we have become very good at doing.