Thank you for another successful year of Student Nutrition! 

Thanks to all of our volunteers for creating another extraordinary year for our programs.  With your dedication and support we served over 16,000 students a week this year. 

Without our Student Nutrition Programs, many Halton students would not receive the nourishment they need to focus on learning.   Simply by providing breakfast each morning, our volunteers are giving a child his/her best chance at academic success. 

Enjoy your summer!  We look forward to see you again this fall. 


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Halton Food for Thought wishes to thank all of our incredible sponsors and donors for the 2014-15 school year.  Without your contribution to our programs we would not be feeding more than 16,000 students each week.  

 We are pleased to announce  that a new donor recognition program will commence this fall. Be sure to come back and take a peek!

Thank you for your help! 

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